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History of Junior Assembly

Junior Assembly was organized in 1940 by Pearl C. Porter and a group of mothers who wished to give their children the opportunity to learn ballroom dance and social conduct. Ann Berry and her family ran Junior Assembly from 1969-2019 and grew the tradition into what it is today. It has been held now for 84 consecutive years at various locations in central Phoenix. 
A child at this age is often very shy in a social situation. At Junior Assembly we try to give the children a background that enables them to act with poise, confidence, and thoughtfulness for one another. 
The children attend Junior Assembly from November through February. In attending these classes, they soon become accustomed to conducting themselves with an attitude of social awareness, practicing good manners in a social situation. Our program stresses little niceties that develop kindness and graciousness. 
We enjoy working with the children and strive to make them feel at ease and have a good time. They soon learn to participate with self-confidence and find J.A. a fun and rewarding experience. The accomplishments they make are remarkable! We hope you will join us for the coming season of Junior Assembly and give your child an introduction to the joy of dancing. 

Kathy and Kaylene Bauman


Erin, Denise, Nicole, Anya, Izzy & Sadie


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