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Introduce your child to the joys of dance & social graces at

Junior Assembly

Dances & Manners Arizona tradition for 84 years!

Now that you are going to be in the sixth grade, it's time to attend Junior Assembly and learn to dance and practice good manners in a fun, structured situation.


We teach the children to make good manners a part of their lives every day, showing kindness, consideration and respect to everyone. Our classes cover manners in terms of dance etiquette in a learn-by-doing formal setting. The children display manners through respectfully asking their partner to dance. They express gratitude to the class prize winners. Finally, they develop respectful social interactions with their peers. These skills are intended to be transferable to all sorts of life events such as weddings or school dances.


We will prepare you for your school dances, parties with your friends, and celebrations of all kinds with your families. We'll teach you how to secure a dance partner, change partners, and dance. We also choose a few grand prize winners every class. It's a party! It's a dance! It's a great learning experience!

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