We have decided it is best that we postpone our Junior Assembly classes due to the current COVID situation. It is a difficult decision to make as we try to maintain this 80-year tradition. In response to our email last week, we received a lot of feedback and the overall consensus is concern. The current plan is that we push back our classes to start in March and go through May. We will still have a wait list for all classes, unless we contact you separately letting you know a spot has opened. We will continue to keep you updated.

Class sizes will be smaller. Students and staff will be required to wear a mask. Their hands will be sanitized, and their temperature will be checked at the door. During class when the kids are standing and waiting to dance, they will be socially distant. They will be dancing with each other for some of the dances but not all. Girls will be wearing white gloves and the floors will be marked with tape throughout the ballroom so the kids will know where to stand/dance.

2023 Junior Assembly.
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