Covid Info:

As of right now, we are hoping to start our classes in November, following the CDC guidelines. There will be smaller class sizes. We have a few options just in case we can't start in November.

Option 1 is that we will have to push back our classes and start them in January 2021. There would still be 6 classes. Option 2 is that we will invite your child to come back the following year (when they are in 7th grade). The last option is if we have to cancel, we will refund you the $125 amount. We will have more information by September 15th.

This opportunity is only available for incoming 6th graders in the year of 2020-2021!

REGISTER EARLY (Before September 1st) because classes fill rapidly and we want to make sure that your child is in the class with their school friends. We want to avoid any disappointment. We fill our classes on a first come, first serve basis.


There is currently a waiting list for GIRLS in class 6F. Please check the schedule tab to see if it is your child's school. Please still fill out a contact form but do NOT send a check yet. We will email you what number you are on the wait list. (We are in need of more boys than we will be able to add more girls. We try to keep the classes as even as possible.)

Thank you!

Registration Steps:

  1. Fill out a contact form

  2. Mail a $125 check, cash, or money order to 4522 E. Campbell Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85018.

  3. Make checks payable to: Junior Assembly AZ - Please write your child's name and school on check. We do not accept credit cards and there are no refunds.

  4. You will receive a confirmation email only after we receive the contact form and payment. Then you will be fully registered.

Behavior Issues:

If a child is disrupting a class, they will first be warned that their behavior is not acceptable at JA. If it continues we will contact the parents by email or a phone call. If the situation cannot be corrected at this point we will ask that the child withdraw from JA. There will be no refunds.


If you are a parent that can help get a directory for the upcoming 6th graders or know who the room parent is, please email us at

If you have any questions, please call or email us at:


Phone #: (602) 329-2551

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